Please find below the requirements, rider and tech spec for The Blinders.


James Higham - TM & FOH
Phone: 07930524145

Mark Payne - Manager



A well-adjusted and well distributed PA system which has distribution and power to cover all corners of the venue.

3 stereo mix at the front (mono is acceptable if stereo is not available) with a drum fill. Also a hard wired mono IEM feed for Drummer FOH Desk We will be okay with the use of digital and analogue so long as it has at least 5 monitor sends, 4 Effect Aux’s and a graphic on all monitors and FOH

Backline Technician
Room stage right (stage left is acceptable but not preferred) for a guitar/backline technician station with suitable mains power. Stage Risers We require an 8x8 ft drum riser

Suitably sized merchandising area.

Accommodated parking/parking information pre-arrival for an LWB van. If the venue is unable to meet any of the requirements above please contact us ASAP so we can organise other arrangements.

We require crowd barrier at all gigs if possible, while we appreciate this isn’t possible at all venues, if this isn’t possible, we will require a member of security at either side of the stage for crowd security/safety.


Along with our dressing room rider listed below we require a hot Meal for all our 8 touring band and crew or if this can not be met then a £10 buy out per person.

We also require the venue to provide a fair-sized dressing room, with an ironing Board and Iron and a Kettle.

  • 2 Crates Lager

  • 2 Crate john smiths

  • 2 Bottles of red wine

  • 2 Crates of Coca Cola

  • 1 Crate of water

  • Multipack of 24 crisps

  • Loaf of bread & butter

  • Normal & vegetarian sandwich fillings

  • Bag of mixed salad

  • Selection of Fruit

  • 4 Cotton Towels

  • Coffee & Tea bags

  • 1 Pack of vocal Zone

  • Honey